Scott Benham

John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer




Advancing Leaders’ Business & Influence Through Leadership Development, Culture Creation, and Coaching.

My growth journey began immediately after I began my journey in the corporate world. I was introduced to the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and everything changed for me. It shifted my emphasis to other people. Specifically, putting others first and adding value to them. Next thing I knew, I was reading 5 books a month in the spirit of growth, thus growth became a foundational element of my life. I began working with early-to-mid stage software startups, which stretched me in new ways with growth being the thesis of both my personal and professional life.

While engaged with personal growth and realizing my career in Sales and Marketing, I met the President of The John Maxwell Team on a bus in Atlanta, Georgia in early May of 2016. After a 3 minute conversation, he offered me a job.

Just a few months later, I was consulting and then leading the Sales & Marketing departments for The John Maxwell Team – the largest and fastest growing Leadership, Coaching, and Speaking Certification Program in the world. John Maxwell is the world’s authority on Leadership – with over 100 books written on the topic and in my time working with John, I’ve had the great honor to work and collaborate with world-class leaders, speakers, authors, and experts.

It’s these experience that I draw from and continue to add value to others in the process. Here we grow!



HEAD TO HEART LEADERSHIP 101 – “LevellingUp is great because it meets you where you’re at. With your Sage’s encouragement, you to dig deep to find answers to your unique problems. It has really helped me to uncover my own leadership style, and bring it to the next level.”

~ Mary-Beth, Team Leader

HEAD TO HEART LEADERSHIP 101 – “I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what we’ll be talking about. It’s always a helpful surprise! Since joining LevellingUp, I’ve become much more aware about learning from people around me. And I’ve learned to ask myself: ‘Is this information I can use, can improve, or should it be trashed?’”

~ Saba, Program Manager

HEAD TO HEART LEADERSHIP 101 – “I love that you’re not just showing up and watching videos. You’re actually being held accountable to learn, and to grow, and to progress. I feel I’ve finally found a community that I can relate to. I feel I belong somewhere now.”

~ Candace, Program Manager

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