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Kerry Black
Kerry Woodcock
Kerry Black
ACC, B.Ed, M.Ed, CPHR, Certified to Administer: Strength Deployment Inventory, C-IQ Inventories.
Kerry is an expert in working with others to find their strengths and achieve their dreams. She is a coach, a listener, an encourager, and above all, an inquisitive supporter of you! Kerry look's forward to supporting you as a leader, no matter where you are on the journey. Kerry is also an experienced leader and lifelong learner.

"I began my leadership journey as the leader of a a disengaged, and cynical group of employees. Maybe you can relate to this situation? By the end of our work together, they were engaged and involved in our work, building from our shared purpose. How did it happen? We improvised, imagined and were open to change. We built trust and shared leadership, building from the strengths of our people. It was hard work, and I wish that I had a coach during those years! As a Leader, a teacher, and mentor, it has been my privilege to give back and support many people to build the workplaces they dream of.

I am a trained Executive Coach, hold ACC coaching designation with the International Coach Federation and I currently serve as President of ICF Calgary. I have been a formal and informal leader in public Education, hold a Master's Degree in Education (Teaching and Learning), Certifications in Human Resource Management, Adult and Community Education, and Conflict Mediation. "


Kerry’s Accelerator Groups

Build Trust, Lead with Excellence

You will LEARN:

  • Techniques to build trust in your interactions with others.
  • Techniques to build healthy, thriving and productive workplaces.
  • You will practice ways to reframe, refocus and redirect conversations to partner with others.
  • Via VideoConference
  • Weekly for 8 sessions
  • ​Mondays: 7:00pm – 8:00pm MDT
  • Start Date: FULL
    • Purchase into next session – start date TBD
  • Cost: $48.50/session ($338.00 Total)
  • ​First Session FREE!

Rise and Thrive

You will LEARN:

  • About the narratives that keep you stuck
  • How to tap into your inner wisdom to to achieve your dreams
  • How to rise and thrive in leadership you will Build
  • Balance in your life as you progress in your leadership journey, moving forward with true purpose.

You will ACHIEVE:

  • Increased confidence and
  • A clear vision of the next steps in your journey
  • Via VideoConference
  • Bi-Weekly for 8 sessions
  • ​Mondays: 12:00pm – 1:00pm MDT
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Cost: $48.50/session ($338.50 Total)
  • ​First Session FREE!