Doug Lawrence
Doug Lawrence

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Doug Lawrence
ICMP, ICMF, Certified Competent - Mentor
Doug is a retired RCMPolice officer with over 40 years of leadership and mentoring experience. He launched his own company - TalentC - People Services Inc. in the fall of 2009 that is focused on mentoring. Doug developed a curriculum to train mentors which results in a certification for mentoring. He mentors people internationally at all levels of an organization - face to face and virtually. Doug works with organizations to transition employees to management through the Practice of Mentoring. Doug provides Executive and Leadership mentoring to enhance/develop leadership skills and abilities. He has also written a book on mentoring called "The Gift of Mentoring" and is scheduled to publish another book by the end of 2020.

Doug’s Accelerator Groups

Professionally Facilitated Mentoring Circle

Many supervisors, managers, and executives struggle with professional
relationships, effective communication, critical thinking, and leadership
challenges. Inability to address these issues causes workplace stress and slow career growth – and can sometimes lead to a career ending outcome.

In this Accelerator Group you will experience the mentoring circle process, where we will learn and grow together through facilitated discussion addressing any of your relationship, communication, critical thinking, or leadership challenges.

Each session is done in two parts.

The first part of the session will look at the various elements of:

  • Professional relationship building
  • Effective communication
    • Active listening
    • Trigger words
    • Deflections
    • Pausing technique
    • Socratic Method
    • Body language
    • Crucial conversations
  • Critical thinking

The second part of the session will explore real life situations that participants have had, and through facilitated dialogue will explore: 1) what went well, 2) what didn’t go well, and 3) what will we do differently next time.

As part of this reflective process, we will identify solutions to real life challenges – and participants can immediately apply what they have learned. The opportunity to gain knowledge, and to then apply that knowledge in a practical setting, creates a solid foundation for learning and development.

At the conclusion of these sessions participants will be able to:

  • Confidently develop personal and professional relationships, and
    understand the importance of doing so
  • Understand the difference between communicating and communicating effectively
  • Understand how they can apply each of the effective communication tools in different situations
  • Enhance their ability to critically think through situations, and to
    understand how this becomes part of their leadership tool kit
  • Take real life situations they have been involved in that did not turn out well, and through reflection, determine a wiser and safer path to follow

I have significant experience with this two-part approach, and I look forward to
our facilitated journey together.


  • Via VideoConference
  • 8 SESSIONS for $301.00 Total ($43.00/session)
  • TRY IT OUT! Sessions 1 & 2 for $79.00 Total



TIME: 11:00am – 12:00pm MDT

START DATE: November 15th, 2019


Sessions 1 & 2 for $79.00 Total

(Remaining 6 sessions $237.00 Total)

8 Sessions

$301.00 Total