Dietrich Desmarais
Dietrich Desmarais

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Dietrich Desmarais
President and Founder of Emotional Wealth Management Inc. | Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coach

Executive Coach, Certified Mentor, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, and President / Founder of EWMI

"You changed my life in 6 conversations!" "I did not know there were people like you in the world!"

Neuroscience research shows that there are two things that every human looks for from the day we're born to the day we die. Dietrich integrates leading research into the field of Emotional Intelligence that creates uncommon results through powerful mentoring conversations. Dietrich brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that brings real transformation.

He offers a very unique set of skills that produce long-term results in a short period of time. He is a sought after speaker, published author, teacher and coach. Dietrich has had the privilege to work with the airline industry, professional athletes, law enforcement, dental/medical, psychology practices, oil and gas, real estate, and top C-suite leaders.

Dietrich is an educator with a B.Ed, a John C. Maxwell Certified Mentor Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker. Along with being the President and Founder of Emotional Wealth Management, Dietrich is also a CCF Certified Coach Practitioner, Executive Coach, Published Author of “Life Without Lies,” "An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace," and "Shining Shoes and the Art of Emotional Intelligence".

He resides in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Edith of 38 years of marriage.

"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions."- Naguib Mahfouz

Dietrich’s Accelerator Groups


Research shows that 90% of top performers have high Emotional Intelligence, and that 58 to 62% of a person’s job performance relies on their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

EQ is the biggest predictor of career success. And it will profoundly impact your choices by creating options otherwise not available.

Learning these soft skills will increase your financial success by 85%.

You will LEARN: 

  • How your every action and word impact others – often in ways that you don’t expect.
  • How to successfully and smoothly navigate leadership and office dynamics to build trust in an open, concise, and direct way.
  • How to avoid accidentally hitting psychological walls and barriers in your interactions, so that others won’t respond with defensiveness.
  • To summarize, learn to play nice in the sandbox!

You will ACHIEVE: 

  • You will get research-based tools that provide results with navigating the hard things that show up.
  • You will get unique skills that increase your leadership ability to ensure doorways to engagement remain open, even in difficult circumstances.
  • You will learn the most powerful communication skills of the brain, to increase your ability to attune to both your personal emotional needs and to the needs of others. This creates trust.
  • You will walk away with higher level problem solving skills in the brain that create self-awareness as you move out of autopilot and into building trust through the hard things.


  • Via VideoConference
  • Weekly for 6 sessions


PREREQUISITE: Participants must have previously completed Dietrich’s “Growing the Leader’s EQ” Accelerator Group 

You probably have wondered in the back of your brain, “What am I missing?” Good Question ✔

In this Accelerator Group, you will dig deep into Emotional Intelligence using proven neuroscience tools, going far beyond the data and drilling down deep into the research. Neuroscience made practical, empowers you with insights to play your biggest game.

“What you don’t know is more important than what you do know; what you don’t know could kill you.” – Dr. J. Peterson

EQ made practical empowers you to see your blind spots.

You will LEARN: 

  • Soft skills to better handle the intangibles of workplace dynamics.
  • Imagine what would happen if you could skillfully engage being dismissed.
  • Powerful neurioscience-based languaging to increase your ability to navigate office politics.

You will ACHIEVE: 

  • The ability to connect the dots and get your Golden Ticket.
  • To say what you need to say, in the way you need to say it, to the person who needs to hear it.
  • Imagine what would happen if you could navigate your emotions in an intelligent way that leaves you feeling satisfied.


  • Via VideoConference
  • Weekly for 6 sessions



TIME: 10:00am – 11:00am (Mountain Time)
START DATE: January 20, 2020


 $79.00 Total for Sessions 1 & 2
(Remaining 4 sessions for $158.00 Total)

6 Sessions

$225.00 Total ($37.50/session)


TIME: 8:30am – 9:30am (Mountain Time)
START DATE: January 27, 2020

PREREQUISITE: Growing the Leaders EQ

6 Sessions

$225.00 Total ($37.50/session)

Dietrich’s Testimonials

“I think I have always understood the value of emotional intelligence in relationships, but our Sage was able to bring us to a deeper understanding of what it means and how to use it effectively. It was exciting to see a diverse group of individuals, from very different backgrounds and industries, achieve tangible markers of growth, both personally and professionally. I felt a connection with this group I honestly doubted was achievable through an online platform, prior to this experience. I’m hooked!”

– Brandi

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