John Callaway


Executive Coach


John Callaway is a mediator and facilitator of workplace conflict resolution and assertive communication programs.

Initially in the outdoor education field, John took his education into aviation as a mentor and a frontline leader. Specializing in helping people have better conversations, John uses the skills gained from being a frontline leader into facilitating conflict resolution courses for leaders. John also provides conflict coaching to professional organizations and post-secondary institutions.Additionally, John is a mediator at the Alberta Provincial Court Civil Mediation program. He has mediated disputes in several areas ranging from neighbour issues to lawsuits of claims worth up to $50,000.

John holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology, a Certificate in Negotiation from the ADR Institute of Alberta, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Why do I want to facilitate an Accelerator Group?

People get their best results when there is another person to be accountable to and receive feedback from. Some of my best learning came from small group interactions.

What leadership soft skill(s) do I feel especially qualified to impart and why?

I think the soft skills I can contribute is the ability to actively listen to other people and speak assertively so as to preserve relationships when conversations are tense. For instance in a performance review. As well, providing coaching in other areas of conflict resolution that will help them improve the day to day interactions.

Have I facilitated a small group before? If so, what was it like?

I have facilitated small groups in the past. It was enjoyable engaging in discussions about the real situations people were in and following the progress of the participants.

How will I ensure Seekers receive maximum benefit from joining my group?
By providing a safe environment for sharing discussion, using real world examples of the situations they might find themselves in, and bringing many years of experience in conflict resolution to the group from an outside perspective.


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