Brad Gaulin


P.Eng, MBA, Chief Evolution Officer, CEvO Solutions Inc

Change is hard, but not changing is fatal! An evolutionary change agent coaching teams to breakthrough to conscious growth!

I’m an evolutionary change agent, executive team coach & serial entrepreneur; and am the Chief Evolution Officer of CEvO Solutions Inc.
I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta, an MBA specializing in Entrepreneurship from the University of Calgary & am a lifetime member of APEGA. I have more than 35 years of experience as a professional engineer, business executive, executive team coach & entrepreneur.
Throughout my career, I’ve been a change agent in every organization I’ve been in. From developing the first electronic morning report at Petro-Canada to my current internet start-ups, I have innovated, developed and delivered new products, services, technologies, strategies, software, systems & processes. For the last 10 years I’ve been an evolutionary change consultant, coaching executive teams and helping them transform their organizations and breakthrough to consciously grow in size, profitability, capability, markets, capacity, talent, culture, etc.


HOW TO BE PROMOTABLE – “Brad’s Accelerator Group provides diversity of guidelines and practices to build effective techniques in leadership, communication and management – with weekly discussion sessions and professional informational materials such as articles, presentations and workbooks..”

~ Bryan, Engineer

HOW TO BE PROMOTABLE – “For my whole career, I tried on my own to develop my leadership but failed. For the first time, my leadership development is effective.’”

~ Bryan, Team Leader

HOW TO BE PROMOTABLE – “Sometimes we’re so busy doing the day-to-day stuff, and the big elephant in the room is left in the back of our mind. With LevellingUp, I get to reflect on what’s bugging me, I pay attention to my challenges, and figure out to resolve them.”

~ Natalie, Business Analyst

HOW TO BE PROMOTABLE – “The work I’m doing now has improved the rest of my life.”

~ Natalie, Business Analyst

FUTURE PROOF YOUR CAREER – “This experience has caused me to think critically about the future of our economy, specifically how we are moving more towards a gig economy. I am extremely grateful for the community that was created due to this mentoring experience and I look forward to us helping each other out as our careers progress.”

~ David, Biomedical Engineering Major

FUTURE PROOF YOUR CAREER – “I appreciated the facilitator method of learning, which allowed me to take a step back from my daily grind to think clearly within a collaborative space. I feel better equipped to speak to my career journey and aspirations with people who don’t know me.”

~ Rukky, Business Major

FUTURE PROOF YOUR CAREER – “This was an excellent opportunity to learn and share our ideas with a network of peers. I liked the program since it helped me think about my future career and goals more clearly. I am very grateful to the LevellingUp team for having done this..”

~ Sahar, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Major

FUTURE PROOF YOUR CAREER – “LevellingUp Provided me with the opportunity to expand my social network and make connections with individuals outside of my field. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly meetings, and the in-depth discussions that stemmed from the weekly content presented. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone looking to expand their frame of reference and their social network, with respect to building their career..”

~ Valeriya, Kinesiology Graduate Student

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