Marketing Founder, Mentor, Professional Speaker, TEDx Speaker Coach,
Performance Coach, Vancouver John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer

I help inspiring speakers land stages like TEDx, large scale events, and corporate talks around the world. Not only do we help you craft an award winning talk, but we help you actually land some of the worlds largest stages.

Brad Bruce is the founder and CEO of WarriorMind Media, professional speaker, and TEDx speaker coach. With over 15+ years of leadership, professional speaking, and personal growth coaching he brings a unique blend of achievements to the people he works with and helps build. Brad has been onstages all over the world and has delivered a keynote to a 5,000 person audience, and was asked in 2019 to coach a TEDx speaker roster and worked closely with 14 accepted speakers for 3 months of which he helped mentor and guide through crafting award winning talks.

When he is not working on business you will find Brad working closely with his community and the work he does with Dan’s Legacy. A local nonprofit that focuses on at-risk and troubled youth with major life barriers. Find out more about them here

Brad started this journey into self-development and coaching over 18 years ago. When he quickly found himself in an executive leadership position at the age of 20 years old climbing the corporate ladder quickly. Now he wasn’t just responsible for himself anymore but a team of over 80+ employees. Brad knew that he had to develop himself in many areas in order to continue his path to success but had no idea how until the day he met his first of many mentors. This would springboard himself into launching a career of self-development and improvement training and education.

Since then he has mentored and coached hundreds of people and spent thousands of hours on receiving the top training and coaching that he will gladly pass on to you. Part of his journey has been his story from the darkness of mental health and addiction into the shining light of recovery. He found himself in a deep pit of despair with no one or nowhere to turn to of depression, anxiety and eventually drug addiction. He was faced with two truths, go to the bitter end or come out fighting for his life, he chose the latter.

Brad has helped countless men and women navigate through their tough journey from darkness to light. Advanced training in Jungian shadow work, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and other behavioral therapy models. Many years of education and development of Mindfulness Meditation practice. Have studied multiple forms of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga and use these principles to achieve great success and lasting change.

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