Sheila Newell


Sheila Newel began an extensive career as an instructor at Southern Alberta Polytechnic (SAIT) where, after 10 years of instruction and instructional supervision, she was promoted to Dean of Communications, Dean of Applied Arts & Sciences, then Director of Human Resources.

After leaving SAIT, Sheila continued to manage Human Resources departments in the energy sector. She earned her honors Bachelor of Arts Degree, Education Administration Graduate Diploma, and Human Resource Management Certificate from the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and Queens Industrial Centre, respectively.

After working many years as an employee, Sheila formed her own company. Specializing in helping people work better together, HRMD Principal, Sheila Newel, has, for 18 years, consulted and contracted to a diverse clientele, led large and small seminars, and delivered presentations, primarily on leadership skills, firm but respectful performance management, and conflict resolution in the workplace.

Clients have been located in Canada and the United States. Additionally, Sheila oversaw, edited, and partner-authored 14 courses on Conflict Management (Appropriate Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, and Mediation) for the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

During a successful education and human resource career, Sheila reached Master Trainer level in Achieve Leadership Program, specializing in communication, supervisory skills, and effective leadership and achieved CPHR and Q. Med Certification.  She is an HRIA, CMCS, HRAC and AAMS, participant and member. Most recently Sheila has taken courses in Linguistic Lie Detection.