LevellingUp is a skill-sharing community in which the next generation of exceptional leaders access & absorb wisdom from guaranteed experts.

What Is An Accelerator Group?

At LevellingUp, we believe mentorship and executive coaching are for everyone, not just the wealthy. Our Accelerator Groups split the cost of high quality coaches between participants, making them accessible and affordable for everyone. Our trusted small-group model provides a caring community of like-minded people looking to LevelUp – Join an Accelerator Group today & get started on your journey!

Public Speaking
Women In Leadership
Leadership Skills Mastery
Conflict Resolution

Up Next

Join one of our upcoming Accelerator Groups!

Head To Heart Leadership
$43/session ($344 Total)
May 30, 2019
organized thinking
Fundamentals For Assertiveness
$21.50/session ($150.50 Total)
June 3, 2019
Ready, Set, Lead!
$30/session ($210 Total)
June 3, 2019

Future Accelerator Groups

strategic thinking
Strategic Thinking & Tactical Decision Making
$43/session ($301 Total)
Mindfulness: Putting Awareness Into Practice
leadership coaching
Leader’s Toolbox - Introduction to Coaching
$20/session - ($160 Total)

Our Accelerator Groups get results!
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Meet Our Sages

Our collection of battle-tested Sages from all over North America are excited to share with you the skills and knowledge they’ve learned along the way.

Sheila Newel
"Sheila has given me strategies to grow in areas i’ve always struggled in. She holds me accountable in an encouraging way. I never thought i’d grow so much, so quick.” – J.M.A
Dietrich Desmarais
Executive Coach, CEO
“I think I have always understood the value of emotional intelligence in relationships, but our Sage was able to bring us to a deeper understanding of what it means and how to use it effectively.” – B.H.
Pam Danyluk
Trained CliftonStrengths Coach, Senior Project Engineer, PM, P.Eng
"This group has allowed me to better understand and apply my strengths not only in major areas such as achieving my professional goals, but also in my basic daily interactions with those around me.” A.D.

Sage Wisdom

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Example post

I find the annual performance review process both AWESOME and TERRIBLE. AWESOME because I get to engage in significant and…

Upcoming Events

Canadian Export Challenge
canadian export challenge

March 16th, 2019
Calgary, Alberta

Real Leaders are Resilient
real leader are resilient conference 2019

May 29th, 2019
Calgary, Alberta

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Giving Back

Why Give? Because it’s the right thing to do. LevellingUp is People Helping People.
At LevellingUp we stand on the values of:​


​Giving is one way to put these values into action, and it’s our privilege and commitment at LevellingUp​.

We are proud to be in partnership with Calgary’s own Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency (URSA). URSA serves people of all abilities in a daring, caring and sharing way. A percentage of every dollar earned at LevellingUp will be donated to URSA to support the many services they offer.

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